EZ Legal Suit was started in 2008 when founder Robert Tanguay started his Satellite TV business in California. He called it SatHookup, and built a network of over 500 independent satellite tv installers with a full head of hair.

With a heart full of ambition, and passion for people, he realized he needed to understand the law. Just as a kid growing up in the bad part of town, he needed to know how to protect himself. He needed to know how things work.

Through this pursuit, as always, he read, learned and communicated with all types of people, including his wealthy customers from a time where everyone watched TV. In general, people don’t mess with you if you don’t mess with them. Politicians are going to do what they’re gonna do.

That is, until you get into the family courts…..

 Family Law is not yet decided, and it makes a lot of people rich off of the contention in family courts Рlawyers, States, Judges, Non-Profits: the legal lobby.

Wizards of Laws. Smoke and Mirrors.

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