Just some notes about the New Hampshire Bar Associate, which appears to be mandated by the State of New Hampshire, New Hampshire Supreme Court. There also seems to be a vote every 5 years that by the general public if it is required that any attorney must be a member off the Bar Association.

Like everything on this site, this is not legal advice, however, it is of my opinion that based on the evidence presented before me and the court experience that it is a lobby motivated by money and power, and it needs to become easier to become a lawyer, which would lower costs for the general public and ensure the justice system remains in check.

State Bar Association – RSA 311:7-g

311:7-g State Bar Association Membership; Vote Required.
I. The supreme court, pursuant to its power to regulate the practice of law under this chapter and its continuing supervisory authority over attorneys practicing before courts of this state, may assess fees for the purpose of regulating the practice of law and for maintaining a professional conduct committee.
II. The supreme court may require all persons engaged in the practice of law in this state to be members of the New Hampshire Bar Association; provided that the members of the Bar Association have approved the requirement pursuant to paragraph III.
III. The board of governors of the New Hampshire Bar Association shall place on the ballot with the election of officers of the association, the following question: “Shall membership in the New Hampshire Bar Association be required for all attorneys licensed to practice in this state?” An affirmative vote of a majority of those voting on the question, shall allow for the requirement by the supreme court under paragraph II. Approval by the membership under this paragraph shall be valid for a 5-year period beginning on the date of the affirmative vote.

Source. 2003, 250:1, eff. July 1, 2003.

So – when is the next vote to have membership in the Bar Association be required to be an attorney in New Hampshire?

https://www.sos.nh.gov/elections/elections – Can’t find if it is on the general elections or not.

There are numerous instances of injustices in this state, of which I’ve experienced myself.

NH Bar Association is a State Run Bar Association


Why is there a Woman’s Bar Association?

NH Bar Board of Governors – https://www.nhbar.org/about-the-bar/board-of-governors/

25 total – 12 Female

Become a member of the Bar


New Hampshire Attorney Oath – RSA 311:6

Section 311:6

311:6 Oath. – Every attorney admitted to practice shall take and subscribe the oaths to support the constitution of this state and of the United States, and the oath of office in the following form: You solemnly swear or affirm that you will do no falsehood, nor consent that any be done in the court, and if you know of any, that you will give knowledge thereof to the justices of the court, or some of them, that it may be reformed; that you will not wittingly or willingly promote, sue or procure to be sued any false or unlawful suit, nor consent to the same; that you will delay no person for lucre or malice, and will act in the office of an attorney within the court according to the best of your learning and discretion, and with all good fidelity as well to the court as to your client. So help you God or under the pains and penalty of perjury. The supreme court shall have authority to determine by court rule the manner in which the oaths shall be administered.

Source. RS 177:5. CS 187:5. GS 199:5. GL 218:5. PS 213:5. PL 325:6. RL 381:6. RSA 311:6. 1995, 277:3. 2014, 204:46, eff. July 11, 2014.

How to Become a Lawyer

Pretty Vague – just says you need to apply to the Supreme Court:

New Hampshire Bar Association Bylaws

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