In Manchester, New Hampshire, there is a place called the Sununu Youth Center, administered by DCYF. It is basically a children’s jail.

It is quite ironic that when children were being assaulted and raped, the State’s current Supreme Court Chief Justice was the Attorney General and Current, Sophomore Family Court Judge Prevett worked for DCYF. Both were appointed under Governor Sununu’s administration, for which he has announced he will not seek re-election, nor run for President, to “pass the torch”, for what appears to be a warlock hunt.

There is currently a settlement fund for $100 million dollars for victims of the abuse. When you look at the connections, there is some appearance as the settlement may be generated in effort to avoid uncovering government official’s involvement in covering up the crimes which went of for several decades.

New Hampshire tax dollars are going to pay for the settlement fund, attorneys and investigations, while the courts complain about lack of financial resources.

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Robert Tanguay
Author of "Incentives and the Environment" and founder of EmissionsTax.