Here are some notes about Domestic Violence Protection Laws in New Hampshire I have found in my personal research.

It is also useful to note RSA 173B Domestic Violence Protections in it’s entirety, which I believe is unconstitutional. It is being abused current to gain strategic advantage in parenting cases, curtailing Due Process.

I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, just free speech.

US Supreme Court Considers Domestic Violence Protection Orders as Unconstitutional

New Hampshire Domestic Violence Reports

““The answer is more pro bono lawyers and more funding for agencies such as New Hampshire Legal Assistance to hire more attorneys,” Hantz Marconi said.” Supreme Court Justice, Honorary Member and Supporting Donor for the Woman’s Bar Association….

“The report found that, overall, the state’s domestic violence protocols are “effective,” but noted “concern that the protocols are not consistently followed” across courthouses.” – Does not mention that the court is not following Protocols designed to protect the Defendant, put there because of their constitutional rights. Judges are literally lying and not conducting fair hearings since these inept reports.

New Hampshire Domestic Violence Task Force

I have found their reports are typically inconclusive and politically motivated, but have not read all of them. Please Decide for yourself:

February 2022 – NH Supreme Court’s domestic violence task force prepares for March 1 report

Fails to mention that these cases are brought in civil courts, with no evidence presented. Article 15 of the New Hampshire Constitution does not allow for this remedy.

There is a shortage of public defenders, which is the state’s duty to provide defense for criminal accusations:

Therefore, the State of New Hampshire is in neglect of their duty, yet still gets VAWA (Violence Against Women’s Act) federal money, for which Judge Carbon controlled a 400 million dollar federal budget for just such. She sits on the task force.

They appear to be pushing to expand the definition of Domestic Violence from physical violence and sexual abuse, which are indeed despicable crimes with corresponding criminal laws, to abuse to the like of hurt feelings and civil disagreements, often siding with women.

This is the action of the New Hampshire Women’s Bar Association, a political organization who’s sole purpose it to benefit women and families, children. Women often abuse men.

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