Reply To: NH Coalition Grant Money and Lobbying

Robert Tanguay

Please see attached report for the New Hampshire Domestic Violence Task Force.

Preface – On November 15th, 2021, Weeks after a Temporary Domestic Violence Protection order was vacated in the famous Judge Polly Case, the protected party was shot at her work and the defendant committed suicide.

A Task Force was created by Chief Justice Gordon MacDonald, and Associate Justice Hantz Marconi was appointed to lead the task force.

Anna Barbara Hantz Marconi has never been a judge, and came directly from her partnership at Sheehan Phinney, a premier law and lobbyist firm which is believed upon information to represent the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse (NHCADSV)

Coalition’s Gender Biased “Mother’s Day Ad” (attached) combined with the grant application to only protect women:

Page 8 footnote 18 “the defendant recently committed ….. one of seven crimes listed in the statute.” (RSA 173-B – unconstitutional)

Clearly, Civil Protection Orders are in violation of Article 15 of the New Hampshire Constitution [Right of the Accused]

Footnote 19 described the illegal gender bias for the STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program

Page 12 discusses creating a Special Domestic Violence Court…. Family Courts are Special Courts – not Constitutional.

Page 17 talks about submiting protection orders into a Federal FBI database, available to all law enforcement officials nationwide.

I have physically and mathematically statements in my orders, or Fraud and Criminal Defamation.

Page 19 talks about amending the RSA Statute, and recognizes a “credible threat to the physical safety”, not sad feelings.

“Survivors” – there is no proof of Domestic Violence without a criminal conviction. This is just a ploy to get federal grant money.